I don’t want to talk about it in the morning
these moments now
when the conflict is cool to the touch
but not like the cold
of early morning coffee
and the rush to work
that so often shoves this conversation to the side
we need to talk now
even with our minds
half awake
and the show paused at a crucial moment
our hearts are full
we need to speak
these words into existence
into the gaping hole between us
to admit the ways in which we were wrong
and let the light of forgiveness into
the dark places we’ve let grow
so when the sun sets tonight
our hearts are clear
we shouldn’t talk about it in the morning
because who knows what could happen during the night
we only have the moments here and now
and to believe in everlasting
is a luxury and an impossibility
and I want to wake up to the possibility of something new
of fresh beginnings
not of the old grinds of yesterday’s mess
so let’s talk about it tonight
and not wait ‘til the light of morning
to find eachother again