What brilliant new opportunities
To expand upon these blessings,
Adding richness to the city I love
And called home for all my life.
I’ve been here through the good and bad,
Baseball fields in the summer heat
Tucked to bed under sheets of snow
And ice. How I have cherished every
Thought provoking memory,
Every heartbreaking tragedy,
Every personal progression,
And every fresh transition.
A sponge at the bottom of the ocean
That is Lexington at its finest
With budding schools of thought,
Image, and mounting creativity,
Induction of the artsy kind,
A revolution, a family.
For ten long years, I am aggregate
With all these precious things to say,
So very few to hear them
Because they’ve always belonged to the seed.
I am free now in this formless formula,
A style built of my own and all else
With the time for quiet long since passed.
Can I make myself be heard? Yes.
Silence has been precious always
But now it will not satisfy.
I have a gift for the world and this city
Not because it’s needed or wanted 
But because I need to give it
To be one with this family of visionaries
Who are my predecessors
And my inspiration.
Allow me to join the ranks
Of the voices with the most echoes
So I can learn and grow from you
And you from me
And all from everyone
For the good of this city,
For the good of this world.