Should I? Should I not?
Mother said, “Mother said,
‘When in doubt, don’t.'”
What a wonderful word

Within the walls on top
Of long and winding driveways
Generals march up
To battles of the mind.
There could be death
In sickle-shaped eyesight
‘Round blind corners
Or creeping up behind
Punctuating motion.
Once committed there may be
No escape from fate
Nor forgiveness earned
Before the finality of mistakes.
In questions of possibility and
Ensuing ability
Doubt can be a warning, so
The strong turn away.

What of those still marching?
Does doubt not divide determination
Or is there another side
To the agonized debate.
Commitment is not causation
Nothing changes from cloak of shadow,
But a chance is preserved
For some masterful intervention
Hearts guided in divine directions.
I’m looking to the sky
In gratitude of doubt
It can be an invitation for faith
The strong keep marching on.

Should I have? Should I not have
While I die as I live
The answer to both is yes
And there is no doubt.
I am free of regret.