Dr. Penis to the Vagina!
Dr. Penis to the Vagina!

Dr. Penis–you are needed in the Vagina Room.

Hey, Lois, have you seen Dr. Penis?
Many times.
I mean, lately?
Oh, no. Not since the New Year’s party.

Darn him! We’ve had this planned for weeks
and Ms. Willing is ready to go!
He’s probably checking in on his other patients.
Well, he needs to learn to follow a schedule
if he wants to have a practice this large.
I agree. He stretches himself a little thin.
Yes, but this is not the first time he’s left
this patient waiting, after all the prep work
has been completed.

I’ll try once more.

Dr. Penis–you are needed
right away, please!
Please report to the Vagina Room

Dr. Penis?