She loves my low voice 

And that i’m pro choice 

Why so serious 

Do you get no joy ?

Leave the Tolstoy 

For the Dostoyevsky 

Or the Chekov

Or the Nabokov

Skatin on this shit 

Like Gretzky 

Goals i’m checkin off 

Sippin soursop 

When I go get my shine box 

I go Joe Pesci 

I shine off the top 

When I freestyle 

Or just from losin my hair 

All about if you

Choosin to care 

Just wanna see ya smile 

The way you move it aint fair 

Dreams in a file 

Like leaves in a pile 

Blew through the air 

Cant grieve all my life 

For shock value 

They’ll send you to the chair

Kind of Blue out the player 

In a Sentimental Mood 

Like Duke 


Dont hit my cell again 

Im in an instrumental mood 

Im tryna get loose 

Like Snoop 

off the gin and juice 

Get in the groove 

Like you on the 1’s and 2’s

Get in the mood 

Yeah I know what you wanna do

Baby come on through 

After I lay this track 

Ima lay you back 

Flat on my mattress 

That ass got dat fatness 

Ima smash with a passion 

Then Im probably crashin

Cuz it been a long day 

But ima get you off that’s just

Somethin you ain’t even gotta say