you’re waiting for the tea to cool

chocolate with hints of almonds in your hot tea (chamomile),

you under about adding the zing of raspberry

you wish there was a word for thinking about someone late at night as you do usually 

you’d settle for the perception of happiness to a degree

availability is the best ability you agree

often you’re held in place by inhibitions tied to a decree

damn; how hot is this tea…

ginger, turmeric, a tangerine, and honey

the last time I saw you feels like it was forever and a day, the next time I’ll see you feels forever far away

your playful with the antics, a radical romantic

make me think in pentameters that are iambic; a skin flush with beats (heart) that are frantic

I think about the cute things you do and replay them in my head

do you think this hard when you text me or just respond to what you’ve read?

we’re living in the moment of starlight is what you said,.,.,get some sleep now so you can snap me a sunrise you promised will be red

you & a mojito

you’ll go and I’ll miss you; a thought as we taste the sweet alcoholic drink that entices me to kiss you

a mojito moment makes paradise feel that much more nice with no missed cues

again, admonition of the thought that I might miss you

like on winter mornings when I can’t wake up to the smell of wet due on yesterdays freshly cut fescue

but the rum reminds me of the current fun as our lips glue; kisses like burns from the sun when you withdrew