Eight minutes of battery
And I’ve finished so little,
Fifty-five minutes of the day remaining,
And if I had made a list,
There would likely be as many items on it

I have written no poem today,
Completed no research

Four minutes now

I have only quested
Through quests I’ve finished twice before,
Checking objectives from a list,
        But not my own-
        Not the one I didn’t bother to make

The charger…it’s the wrong one
They all look so similar

My dog gets lost in the grass,
Only her leash, snaking through the stalks,
Gives her away

The neighbor doesn’t talk to me anymore
And I can’t say that I mind

His lawn is low, his standards are high

This charger looks right

I almost exercised
But my ankle hurt
So I microwaved Chinese food instead

And I fear, above all else,

That same dog will praise me awake,
        And I will wish to quest yet again
        But instead, I shall make a list

Or not.