Some nights 
The pain rises
From deep within
An ache hard-pressed 
Scraped fresh off the bone
Ripped from the muscle memory 
Welded to the underside of my flesh 
Like a sodder to a flame
Trekking it’s way 
From the hemispheres 
In my brain 
Etching down my spine
To the tips of my toes
Igniting a fire 
Which I can’t put out
All I can do is hope 
I can breathe 
Through the “struggle “
Just another day 
In “my neighborhood “
Called my body
A hidden battleground 
Waging the daily war 
That I didn’t ask to fight 
I’ve been waving my white flag 
For far too long 
Every night I surrender
Every day I try again. 
No one is coming
To save me. 
There is no place 
To retreat to 
There is no backup plan 
With teeth gritted 
Sleep far away
Maybe tomorrow 
Will be a better day?