93 degrees outside
Bright sun beating down
Asphalt melting ‘neath the tires
Tempers worn with frowns

In the middle of the street
Was something trying to cross
A tiny creature so confused
And completely at a loss

It made it to the other side
Some cars had barely missed
And when I finally caught it
It scratched and clawed and hissed

A tiny baby kitten
Maybe 6 weeks old
I placed it way inside my car
And on to home we rode

I washed her twice to find out
The color of her fur
She’s long haired, black and white
and thinks I belong to her

It has been 12 days now
She’s been staying at my house
Ran up quiet a vet bill
And not yet caught a mouse

The other cats just hate her
And watch with much disdain
As she hops and twirls and jumps
Attempting love to gain

Don’t want another kitty
Already have the three
What am I suppose to do?
She said she belongs to me…