Now, I write to the accompaniment of cardinals
cardinals chasing
sex partners and competitors alike
through the trees just outside my apartment window
tree branches bending
to the wind’s advances 
like passionate lovers thinking themselves unseen

I know now, what I will do 
since mi madre lent me two cents 
and her cordura 
before loosening the net
coaxing me out of the nest
to pick up some grandchildren for her in the marketplace
for I am hijo de madre naturaleza, mother nature’s son
and as of late, she’s been not-so-subtle
about wanting grandchildren to spoil
I am only as human
as human’s come
as the wind comes and the day birds sing
so after I have writtten what I must
spent the small loan of two cents and sanity
gotten all the doing and saying out of the way
I will come to you
like a bright red cardinal courting his mate
I will dance and sing
from all the corners of your compass 
and frighten all those who come near you
with similar things in mind
Like a gust of wind
I will embrace you 
with just enough force
to bend you 
push and pin you against yourself
until our dance is more than just a dance