This will not rhyme
This will not make sense
This will be a bunch of contradictions, I’m convinced
That I might self-destruct before I get to my final destination
That I ignore the hard parts and avoid the confrontations
That I constantly duck and
Dodge the conversations
That force me to confront 
This pain that exists in any event 
Remind me that this all is designed
To never ever make sense
So it’s at this point I’m convinced
That I can never be a hypocrite
Because after all this time
And this entire month
I’ve written poem after poem to give my point of view
On a world in which I feel I often don’t belong
And it’s probably from the perspective, again
Of a man left on the outside, who is now looking in
So I’ve decided
That what I can and will do is write
From my perspective each and every morning
And each night
And even though I’m at times reminded
That this shouldn’t rhyme
Or make any sense
To anyone but me
I’m thoroughly convinced
After reading a lot of your poems,
I am not alone in these type of thoughts
So for the last time this year, my Family, Friends, Fellow poets
foes and enemies
And LexPomo 2024
I’m signing off