A ghost in a calm home, a practiced smile, ever-shifting.

He weaves through lives, a subtle current, lies growing more and more vial.
Words like honeyed promises, dripping warm, a siren’s song.
They establish hope, preying on family who seem vulnerable.
Intuition’s whispers dismissed, choices blooming recklessly.
Secrets spilled like seeds, vulnerabilities laid bare, blindly.
Trust, a weapon, twisted into a tool for their gain.
Exploiting weakness, a puppeteer in a cruel human game.
Empathy’s mask, a polished shield, honed to a razor’s edge.
They reflect desires, a calculated, selfish pledge.
Hearts fractured, lies crumbling to dust and ash.
Leaving a trail of wreckage, devoid of remorse or human flash.
Enigma indeed, a predator draped in borrowed grace.
A bitter aftertaste, an emptiness that lingers, a haunting space.
The human form, a canvas for darkness to reside,
A chilling reminder, beauty can camouflage what festers inside.