Along the stream I walked

My breath a small cloud before me

The last of autumnal leaves behind me

I see the beginnings of winter

Of frozen streaks of water

Dancing along the mossy rocks

The early morning fog

Levitating above the earth

Suspended like a ghost in limbo

I long to find peace, silence 

The cold numbing my thoughts

I simply attempt to seek

Solace and tranquility

Amongst the last bird chirps

Singing above in the tree branches

Before they reluctantly leave

Right before the first day of winter

The ground frosted

Glistening from the early morning sun

Against frozen dew drops

Sprinkled to the earth

In an early morning mist

I see through the haze everything before me

But my eyes do not race

Across this landscape

I only take in the beautiful peace

That I sought in my morning travels