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Lexington Poetry Month
article by
Tania Horne

 The creek carves through the millinaea of crumbling gray rock
revealing an embankment like a geologic mille fueille.

Tiny shards and flaky pieces hide a trilobite –  a little boy’s precise finger finding just the right spot between 500 million and 250 million years ago, and now.

9 responses to “Era”

  1. Black Sunshine says:

    This is beautiful

  2. Linda Caldwell says:

    Love it – the images and the feeling of the passage of time through stone – from eons until a present moment

  3. Amy Cunningham says:

    The long lines are effective here. Nice!

  4. Jim Lally says:

    and “now” stands alone.
    Time flies.

  5. mari leet says:

    I can see your boy’s finger in just the right place sweet!

  6. michelle johnson says:

    how awesome… love the images presented here. especially of your boy and his finger finding the precise spot…

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