Tonight I remembered “Evenlyn’s Empianada’s”
I lived in Clarksville, TN.
Only sometimes was it…
Full of “hopes and dreams”
I can still hear his perfect teeth
as they glanced the whiskey glass 
 while he winked that car salesman grin.
Only Sometimes…
On his sober days 
Which were few and far between.
He’d get too hammered
so I’d leave any chance I could. 
So he could slam beers with the guys,
instead of slammin’ me for a while.
There was a little shack
That sat ont he Kentucky/Tennessee line
Literally right on the line. 
(They had a center parking space
that read, “ever been two places at once? 
Here’s your chance!”

A little old man with calloused hands
kind eyes, who worked with his daughter. 
Molasses skin and sunshine
coal black locks and perfect 
wine stained lips.

They made “Jamacian treats” as 
they called them. 
Evelyn would love me back to life
with every recipe. 
I’d sit in that center space 
between two states, and watch the sun go down.
With every bite I made my business plan.

PS: Thanks for the amazing free food, ice packs and free parking to some amazing sunsets.