With my emotions varying like tremelo this morning, 
I reach for my life companion
that has been with me since I was eight years old
while not physically the same one,
it is the one that serves me currently

Preparation doesn’t take long
Opening the case, I breathe in the 
familar scent of the instrument that I love,
Wiping away the specks of rosin that cling
and applying new rosin to the bow hair

Where shall I go today?
Into the pages of the hymnal where
people for centuries have displayed
their love and awe of God?
Or into the complicated melodies and rhythms of
composers who are still revered today
because they left behind so many masterpieces
perhaps into the catchy tune of a new song I heard recently?

I have many choices, yet today the ache in my being
requires that I dig deep into comfort
to soothe my emotions and soul
so I leap toward an old favorite that is ingrained
so deep that actual music is not necessary
because it is engraved deep in my heart and brain

My whole body sighs when I play 
and that part of me that only music
can touch leaps to life and sparks
the parts of me that need to be fed regularly
faith, optimism, root of all being, kindness
so many things in my life have their root in music

Moving on to the piece that I first conquered as a teen,
it is so different playing it at my current age
my fingers aren’t as nimble,
my hearing has deteriorated with passing years and bad genes
but my mind remembers which notes to play 
until the difficulty of the piece requires that I stop and 
work out the complicated pattern of notes
that doesn’t feel right, so I try again

Ah yes, that is it.  Oops, wrong dynamics
I try again.  Better but not there yet
I realize that I am tired and look at the clock
more time has passed than I realize
and the fatigue that comes with exertion finally
registers as I put my old friend away
until another time
smiling, I know we will meet again
soon, because I have a need
that can only be met
with the magic touch of music