A crimson stain on cobblestones 

A whisper in the night

A life extinguished 

Stolen by hates cruel and binding light

A trans soul lost

A future cut so short

Violences echo,

A painful, chilling report.

I often walk in fear, 

With every step I take,

A target painted on my back,

A life forever at stake.

Words like weapons,

Hurled with vicious glee,

Dehumanizing language,

Stripping dignity.

The bathroom stall, 

A battleground disguised

A haven sought by all of us,

Where privacy is prized. 

But hate intrudes,

Ignorance as its guide,

Claiming safety,

While pushing all of us outside.

In alley shadows,

A brutal, hidden crime,

Love’s tender bud,

Choked by violence’s grime.

Media whispers,

Sensationalized and stark,

Ignoring stories,

Leaving a gaping mark.

But through the tears,

A fierce defiance burns,

A tapestry of resilience,

Where hope brightly churns.

Community gathers,

A shield against the storm,

Love’s vibrant colors,

A resistance taking form.

We raise our voices,

A chorus loud and strong,

“Trans lives are precious”,

And we rightfully belong.

Demand for justice,

For equality to reign,

Shatter the silence,

Break the chains of pain. 

Let love be our weapon,

Let empathy ignite,

Erase the darkness,

With compassion’s guiding light.

For every life lost,

A thousand more will rise,

With strength unshaken, defiant,

Reaching for the skies.