An infinitesimal outcry
mustered softly by the victim
to which no one shall hear.
No response is eminent
because the message remains
without someone to answer it..
And so the struggle continues
ignored by the pretentious doubters
likely to become hopeless deniers
downplaying the caustic reaction
inflicted upon both mind and body
spirit and demeanor,
bemoaning of one’s character
for many years to come
This happens when deflowering
comes brutally.
Blemishes of the body
may mend over time
but the emotional impact
will last forever.  
At once an unlikely
hero emerges from the placid
sylvan bush where
the stream emerges.
The blow is sudden
and direct, a concrete fragment
descends on the head of the attacker.
He collapses at once;
never knew what hit him.
All she feels is vindication
from the raging thrusts
of power and control,
but most of all humiliation.
Now the foe lies powerless
As was his stooge
just moments before their came deliverance
from an improbable source.  
The hero rolls
the defeated predator over
with a swift, brawny boot.
He enjoys a brief leer
before finishing the job.
The agent of demise
ascends up with his outstretched arms
of this unlikely rescuer.
The impact will be deadly.
Just moments before
this private justice is carried out,
the disheveled prey
pleas with the executioner
to cease from this harsh penalty.
“He is not deserving
of such a cruel fate,”
she insists.  “I know God would
object since this is not
an eye for an eye.
My life will continue
He made a mistake-
to error is human, to forgive: divine.”  
Hesitantly, the saint
lowers the weapon,
then tosses it aside
into the creek-
ripples transpire
in his mind.
“Why spare this evil man?
Don’t you see, he’ll ravish another.
Could be your sister.
Could be your mother.
Then you’ll wish
I had done it.
Or maybe you enjoyed it.”