For A. S., because you always taught
                                 even though it was never your job

You were the bigger guy
our entire childhood
and pre-pubescence.

What more can a poet say
to describe how I saw you
than to mention 

a dream I once had,
where my Prince Adam
changed to your He-Man;

you were always there
fighting my fights, protecting
my diminutive form. 

I always had the louder mouth—
the louder voice—but now,
to read your words,

to hear your voice
still the bigger man, still
dwarfing me with your power—

but cracking, taken to tears
because of everything
we see, we hear, happening

and not about just now—
about what you’ve always lived—
you’re still healing

my fragility.  You’re still
teaching me what it means
to be a man.  You’re still

helping me recover
from this sickness.