The Ancient Greeks understood
that everything is already written
but in every moment being created

We’re well into summer
The air is like a warm bath
with eddies of silken cool

It’s a surreal morning, just before noon
The cold air of last night gave way
I had a full sweat suit on
in the middle of June

I’ve always written prose
never tried to win the roses
too many euthanized on the track

The man with his crow children
passes with his cat baby
in a carriage
taking his cat to the park

I’ve put a cigarette out the night before
after just one puff
and that’s what I’m drinking now
with coffee made by the plaid brigade

Snapdragon Ale 8
create your fate
don’t hesitate
All the things made with the intention to change the world
actually do
what white mice are moving the levers behind your scenery?

Tiny yellow clover flowers hold their own
near the herculean tomato plants
Grizzly bears etching their way onto canvas
A few hours ticked off
onto thirteen thousand sheets of paper

Scrumbling your insides
shiso pineapple tea
The dots in the notebook
all pimbly-tumbly

The Fool, the grey eminence
The stool, the earthy smell of shit
Joe Pesci has your back,
if you’d listen

Pits fallen into pits
Pith encased
The truth waving from
atop the Straight up Kitten’s tail

You brought your banner over last night
The one you printed off tiki tok
the one you cut out on the dotted lines
and you banged it into the doorjamb
using railroad spikes and a sledgehammer
at one in the morning
disrupted the sleepy ones laying above

This label and this label and this label
-all to say there are
endless labels for us,
we’re just human
We deserve kindness,
we are excused from this
staunch water boarding of false wisdom