*This is a nightmare I had several years ago. Unfortunately, I am a vivid dreamer and I experienced all of the physical sensations of my execution. 

The lights overhead 
wash the color from the walls
utility seafoam green 
fades to a faint pastel
under the glare

The room is sterile
devoid of creature comforts
white drop tile ceiling grid
tufts of grey-brown dust 
cling precariously to its surface

The window to the theater
reveals pale, grim faces 
eyes narrowed with bloodlust
unforgiving in their stares
rightfully so, I assume

I don’t know why I’m here
strapped to a cold gurney
my arms and legs secured
to allow no movement
only my head remains free

I look up to serious eyes
the face dour but respectful
an expression that signifies
that they hate their job
but it pays the bills

My bed is parked full frontal
the faces behind the window
are watching every move
my heart is pounding
until my pulse floods my ears

I am paralyzed with fear
my mouth gaping open
my breath ragged and shallow
my eyes bulging from their sockets
as I watch them enter the room

They are cold, clinical, efficient
in official scrubs and jackets
instruments at the ready
on a stainless table nearby
one checks the files and nods

Silence, they say no more
and insert the IVs into my arms
time compresses to stillness
as the burn of the Pentobarbital
fades me to black