Excess her specialty: too much
food, drink, attitude.  Passionate
in idolizing celebrity and if her hero
was a woman athlete, all the better.
She loved to pose with her best friend
and post for the world to see.
Everything in her life a superlative,
the best or the worst.  Fiercely loyal,
she celebrated the birthday
of her pets years after their deaths.

She delighted in wheelies
on ice and preferred riding her chopper
with no helmet, the better to feel
the breeze in her hair.
She had pride in everything:
the best boat, car, yard, neighbors. 
Under a tough facade, quick to cry,
blubbering over any loss or injustice.

When she got sick she thought
if only she got a new fridge
that would get things cold
enough, all would be well.
And if she could get chicken
noodle soup hot enough
she would be strong again.