This is what you’ve been missing for almost a year a sore back and a sense of purpose a reason to walk around a retail store yes to put dollar bills in your pocket instead of wading them up and throwing them at cashiers this is godliness this is the holy spirit of capitalism filling you with fire forget the exhaustion forget the failure of your heart to pump in the way that best serves you this is it big guy this is the sweat you’ll mop up with a money order and hand to your wife for safe keeping welcome back to the material world welcome back to tangible tiles and box cutters welcome back to the chance to cut yourself for a reason you never belonged up there with us listening to the ramblings of dead stars while your wife held you aloft on her shoulders above a river of mud running downhill and juggled two sons and tap-danced on damp budgets in red ink you never should have looked directly over your head and asked question after question without earning a break without first reading the primary sources like the benefits of trying or the tranquility of settled debts without putting in the work to find some answers yourself try growing in the earth before you spread into the heavens try laying a foundation below your ladder before you start to climb