Failure says, There’s no such thing!

Invention says, Why not! Here is a packet of seeds. See what happens. 

Failure says, Puff! They’re not innovative enough.

Invention says, Not risking ensures you’re right.

Failure says, I’ve seen your results before.

Invention says, Apparently you haven’t seen all of them. 

Failure says, I only need see a few to know how off you are.

Invention says, The world changes quickly; you could be wrong this time. 

And a sample of a few—O you! 

Failure says, I learn nothing from your failures nor your successes. 

Invention says, Ah, you admit I have some. It’s you not trying.

The bartender says, With you two it’s always the same argument! Twins,

        leave before you come to blows. Pronto.