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Lexington Poetry Month

Falling In 3 Parts


Memaw feels like rain’s coming.
She says it’s in her bones–the rain,
her arthritis knows it, and I know it
like I know my nephew
and how he will cough all spring,
lungdusted with pollen in his hair. 

My body tells me to slow down,
to only sleep in bursts,
to smoke and hold water–
after surgery, my damaged leg is prow
and broken rudder
(one doctor called it a mud puddle).

Later, my mom, laid up in her own hospital bed,
couldn’t remember much. But she looked at me, 
out of breath from carrying in food, and says
“Honey, I worry about you.”

7 responses to “Falling In 3 Parts”

  1. Kelly Casey says:

    this one hit me very close to home. thank you for writing this and thank for sharing it.

  2. mtpoet says:

    Sickness like tragedy can come in threes…

  3. Gaby Bedetti says:

    I love the rich images in the first stanza, playful imagery and rhyme of the second, direct quotation in the third, and the perspective of the title.

  4. A. Taylor says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I went back and read it again, just to make sure I was getting what was intended. It’s definitely one I can relate to.

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