Yesterday, my nephew turned a month old
and I’ve just now gotten the opportunity
to see him for the first time,
a long overdue visit incorporated
into long anticipated vacation,
a chance to finally get out for a while.

I had hoped to be at the hospital
standing next to my brother so proud
as his son was brought into the world.
Wanted to be there at the house
when the babe was brought home,
the place he will be from.

Pandemics don’t allow for those things, though
forcing suspicion of visitors,
turning family into environmental hazards.
To protect the vulnerable, we must
be willing to make such sacrifices.
I just hate being reduced to text message spectator.

But when emergencies allow for an exception
it’s a moment not to be lost,
thank you God for this opportunity.
With time, visits will be more common, natural,
and I’m grateful to receive this little introduction.
He looks just like his father.