my friend said yesterday, and I paraphrase:
today’s world wide web, media, social
it’s telepathy
what you’re reading now, used to
we would have to go to a café, poetry slam,
local library (if I were famous enough)
yet now, in this electric forest
of interconnected synapses
we walk each other’s minds in
immediate sense, with connection,
without hesitation, thoughts
beamed into our laps via notifications, and
it’s miraculous
then again, books have always been
miracles of mind reading
(Carl Sagan called it proof that humans can work magic)
so, perhaps
we have traded ink, paper, libraries for modern
and while I sometimes grieve that my future holds
less tactile adventures amid pages,
I am relieved at how easy it is to share ideas
and compassion and anger and humanity
so easily, so quickly, so wonderfully,
so miraculously
these thirty days in June