every tragedy
starts as somebody else’s
sin of omission

but the world won’t change
without people taking charge
turning it around

for every fight
engaged there is another
man on the sidelines

people who use other people
       people who don’t fight for themself
              people who do nothing but complain
       people who leave the work to others
people who don’t forgive
       people who don’t care if you’re exhausted
              people who want you promptly back at 7:00
       people who won’t stand up for their beliefs
people who abuse and mistreat
       people who let themselves be abused
              people who say nothing to the abusers
       people who only seek to take advantage
people who misunderstand God
       people who force their beliefs on others
              people who can’t handle any differing opinion
       people who can’t compromise for better
people who refuse to sacrifice
       people who want to say you’re the problem
              people who believe in their self-perfection without reflection
       people who walk passed beaten travelers without a thought
people who won’t fight for a better world
       people who don’t call out the evil they witness
              people who never stray from the comfort of silence
       people who don’t reach out to precluding friends
people who do not or will not try to change

do you ever think God revisits
His promise not to destroy humanity again?
I wonder beside a moonless ocean
the edge of divine temptation
lapping at my feet