First there was Tiger Tom,
brought home by dad,
suckered in by eating fish scraps
off the boat.
Sophie his mate
(the neighbor Pat’s cat)
gifted us numerous liters
inside the barn.
Tiny and Tigger,
Cutie Pie & Uggie (Ugly)
spawn of spawn,
endless lineage.
College cats
one with no name,
jumped from a car window
on a journey back home.
He was okay,
taken in by Christians 
coming out of church.
Then my dear Pixie,
who chose my lap 
at the shelter,
destined for home.
Phobe was my man’s.
She lasted 20 years 
to be flattened 1 day.
The grey one was Monkey,
Mr. Man, or Monk, who
ran sideways, tail curled.
Nya de Kitty, rescued from hell
pees in odd places,
yowls if disturbed.
Finally Mordecai, 
so civilized
he drinks from a glass,
yet mischievous, demoted, 
out on his furry ass.