Setbacks     struggle
Failed plans     feelings
Inadequacy     injustice
Tall orders     triple threats
Warfare     weariness
Small minds     small hearts
Hard stuff     hurdles
Impatience     impossibility
Rambling     rants
involvement     indecisiveness
Shades of gray     shifting sands
Madness     motion sickness
Never knowing     niceties
Expectations     exceptions
Tantrums     Territories
Insomnia     incomplete thoughts
Leap of faith     learning curve
Control     cut throat
Fear     fatigue
Roadblocks     roaming
Detours     destination
Challenges     change
Scrapes and bruises     stupidity
Danger     dodging obnoxious
Inconvenience     ignorance
People     passion

 “Be gentle with yourself.  You’re doing the best you can.”  Unknown