Looking at the sea, skin alive, senses calm,
Worry left on shore, there rises a question.
What about this breeze tickling my nose?
No one ever slaps an insult on a breeze.
You never hear the savage, the whipping,
The tearing, the angry, the deadly breeze.  

Song extols the gentle, caressing, lilting,
Whispering, tracing, maybe bracing breeze.
This phenomenon, nature’s enchanted gift.
Wafting across the greenest span,
Soothing the sunburned skin,
The softest breeze blesses, addresses
All the sins of a crowded day.
Hooray, I say, let’s sing and say
Welcome to this gifted air wrapped
In restraint and good manners.
She hands us peace and promises of
A sweet afternoon drowsy with sleep.
Let praises crown her, nature’s princess.