Flowers don’t grow on Golfview Drive anymore,
those sunflowers towering gold and maroon,
their tall stems and faces dancing in light,
Jumping Jacks now smothered by grass,
Dahlias in rich purple and vibrant pink,
how you prepared a paradise for me,
all memories of how much I wanted you,
how you once wanted me, fading away,
Now, sorrowful arms clasp empty air.

How I needed you then, your cool skin
next to mine, bright eyes beside languid
green Kentucky flowing, gently,
telling me, maybe, maybe, a picture of
nature’s beauty caked in boots,
mud now dried, hearts filled with love,
gone, when there was once still a chance
then, that you would take me home in
your canoe, fireflies and flowers in June.
June 26, 2016