we chose ‘snail’
to start the morning Wordle,
immediately wondering
how many moved in grass
bryond our porch
this dawn
their purpose at odds
to helping win a game,
or so it seemed
you’d think they just 
digest leaf litter, detritus,
their place on life’s circle 
or, perhaps, as escargot
their life bringing life,
or maybe metaphor,
their movement turned 
adjective for life’s moments,
then there’s
cultural significance, stories,
or history, as famine food,
or even symbolic 
(ever see a snail tattoo?)

we finish the Wordle, and
the answer has nothing
to do with snails,
of course,
yet we sit and wonder, how
its five letters hold
such significance
and realize
nothing in life 
should be taken
at face value