Well the truth to our fate
was only a question
’cause the subject at hand
was a question to ask

the only unknown
was when he would pop it
and how long it’d take
’til I heard your answer

I tried to deny
the destiny coming
when eternity rained
its bliss down on you

the only unknown
was if it survived
I had to have hope
that he’d somehow fall short

but following France
it was all but a given
you don’t go on such trips
without binding your souls

the only unknown
is when it will happen
the day you get sealed
to the rest of your life

I’m wishing you well
from the shadows of mem’ries
the one time that I
could believe in us

the only unknown
is what if I tried
to pour out my heart
when I held your eye

but I kept it inside
failed in our moment
now made forever
following France.