I bought some pretty paper in different shades of blue
       Then I thought I’d write – using one or two
       The problem is the blues – they came in different hues
       So I’ll have to write on the hue I think is you

       I hope you like the color – I think that you liked blue
       We use to sing about it – every song we knew

                                    She Wore Blue Velvet
                                    Blue on Blue
                                    Am I Blue?
                                    Blue Moon
                                    I’m Mr. Blue
                                   Blue suede Shoes

       I keep up with your brother but it’s just not the same
       He’s the one who told me – but I can’t hold him blame
       He’s the last one left you know – your mother passed away
       And no one with any children – well, what is there to say?

       I wish you Happy Birthday every single year
       The 18th of November and I always drink a beer

       So I’ll send this letter
       On this shade of blue
       The one I think you’ll like
       The one I picked for you

       Addressing is so simple
       Just write the number seven
       Then put the location
       Care of ‘My Blue Heaven’