Your small hands
smoothed down softly
the front of your coat,
magenta, pink, wool
snug with buttons,
little fur trim
flaring at the hem  

I placed you down to walk,
half my height.
your hand
reached for mine
and mine for yours
as we left Canal Street
the sidewalks narrowed  

Hand in hand
we navigated as one,
avoiding women with bundles
men too tall to see us
boys huddled pushing fast
couples in love floated by
young and old all moving
with little quick steps
pitter-pattering as we
flowed deeper into

Excitement engulfed us
into tangible street theatre
people like dancers
hit the sidewalks
as heart beats  
In the midst of it all
You moved like Royalty
a tiny Empress
harvesting delights  

Blinking lights lured us on
your eyes wide
sighting golden ducks
high in windows
ceramic jars of magical things
steam cabinets of dumplings
decorative paper sculptures
hanging mid air
fluttering calligraphic signs
artifacts in red with flecks of gold
glittering as we passed by  

I cannot remember
what brought us
to Chinatown
our mission vague,
but now I think
it was
for these very sights bright
letting me recall that night

For I’ve walked
that street a thousand times
with you forever linked
hands holding tight