Mantle clock inherited along with the history
sits too high on the shelf to reach
came to life from the vibration of thunder
that started it’s heart again.

It ran for week without problems
calling out the hours until the chimes ran down
while keeping perfect time
the announcement of hours became a dull DUNK
where it had been a commanding DUNG. 

From empathy I climbed to rewind it
the hours and hour chimes now out of sync
like my perception and reality has always been
believing that there is impartiality dispensing justice. 

Using the logic subscription bought and paid for
the clock was returned to synchronous harmony
like when there is a chance
to hug all my children at once. 

The mechanical marvel
surviving and functioning more than a 100 years
outlasting all previous owners
sits on high as a neutral observer
to be a witness
to the next life that winds down
to a DUNK as time clicks by.