-” Tsuyoi taifū no sattetta yoru ni
takai biru no ue kara machi o nagameteta
kaze wa mada sukoshi utsurigi de
sarigiwa no taimingu o tsukami sokoneteru
tonari no jūtaku no neon ga kagerō no yō ni yuraita
konna keshiki mitakotonai minarete ita no ni
nanika ga kawatte yuku yōna
sonna ki ga shita atosukoshi de nanigotomonaku kiete yuku
6 gatsu 6-gō atosukoshi de atosukoshi de” 
Eng. Translation:
“The night that the fierce typhoon passed, I was looking down on the city

from the top of a tall building
The wind still a little erratic, tearing at the edge of its departure
The lights of the houses nearby shimmered like through searing air
I’ve never witnessed a scene like, though I was used to seeing it
Something is going to change, that’s how I felt, in a little while
It disappears quietly, June, number 6, in a little while, in a little while”
– lyrics From: “Imaginary Folklore” Produced By: Nujabes feat. Clammbon; Album: Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Sometimes it seems like Monsoon
is here to stay in our hearts
a neverending season of thunder and gusting wind
but the summer is young when Cumulonimbus has it’s way

the time will come
when the raven’s song is far behind you
so saddle your horses and stay hydrated
even if we can’t see it
even if I dont always hear you
even if our eyes never quite met
I feel our sunsets calling

and this I’m sure of

One day
the winds will change
and if this isn’t good
I don’t know what is