Oh, those aching azalea disco balls swinging on my elegiac elderberry lavish children
Oceaning the rhythm of 1,000 pregnant women dancing to the sound of 2,000 children

Our octopus mom knees fencing with our hips, struggling to be beneath the need to be everywhere. A strong andromeda rhyme bounces on our chest, heard by cows and children

Oh, early spring magnolia music, spread your tiger petal teeth on our almond otter bodies
Undecorated hips seeding the apex of a late winter’s promise, unraveling by plows and children

I vow to write myself a spring eulogy, only regretting falling in love with feeling young
Hear quips of the garden rockcress, the pounding early spring bloom: proud crowns and children

I decide I am the best version of myself I can be. I am an impatient forsythia flourish,
a joke spoken like prayer on a seesaw, I am born anew. The fear of winter wilt: my favorite child