Geese and Angels

For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water.  
John 5:4

At first, it was only the sudden spectacle:
Hundreds of geese, their raucous honk! honk! honk!
Slicing straight through the quiet of St. Mary’s Lake;
Their strong wings flashing against a clear October sky,
Their small feet skimming, churning–
Troubling!—the waters
That had been so placid
Only a moment ago.
In single, unbroken motion, they descended—skimmed—rose again
Out of sight,
And as St. Mary’s waters settled once more into silent clarity,
You were there,
Walking beside me,
Your words and mine forming, rising into tangible awareness,
Saying, through this quivering, this newly split veil,
The words we could not say
When both of us had voices.