Chinola passion fruit liquor

Reminds me of a different time.

A simpler time.

A time where I felt more me.

A time where the need to impress was not needed.

A time where friendship was easy.


I say that as two of my friends

Interrupt me.

To start a simple, casual, true conversation.

Then it becomes four people.

Then six.

Then eight.

A new reminder comes.

I am not who I used to be.

I am comfortable with where I am at.



It is has been approximately 5 hours since I started this poem.

The vibe constantly shifting.

Distractions used to kill the time.


The moon looks so alive,

And I look the opposite.


“I am happy with where I am at.”

That’s what I tell myself.


I think I’ve finally learned.

I prefer to be alone.


Except for you,

With your sweet baby blues.

Keeping yourself occupied

All while I riddle my mind

Over answers you already know.


Please take me to bed.

I think I’m getting nostalgic,