I saw your ghost
Standing on the corner leaning up against the brick
Cigarette perched on edge of your lip
Leg bent against the wall
Playing with the lighter
You glanced up at me and sort of smiled

I saw your ghost
Wookie rolling down the middle of fifth avenue
Three a.m. and the streetlights stretching your shadow
Elongated spirals sliced by the painted white lines
Until you landed on your feet
Laughing into the cool night breeze

I saw your ghost
Dancing to Patti Smith on the boombox
By the picnic table in the park
Eyes closed to the bright sunshine
Soft golden curls playing over your face
Singing in a whisper only I could hear

I saw your ghost
Head on the pillow next to mine
Watching me while I watched you
Fading from a dream
As my eyes tried to focus
On the empty space beside me