There are giants in the sky.
And the sky is a neighborhood
filled with suburban picket fences
and golden retrievers. 

There are giants in the sky.
And the sky is a great white building, 
filled with great white people
their constituents. 
They are capsizing their ships,
blaming Ishmael and Muhammad and Buddha
and everyone but themselves, 
the Great White Whales. 

There are giants in the sky
and the sky wears blue
like a uniform
and carries a gun
like thunder
and yells freeze
but then it shoots anyway

White Men
Bad cops,
good cops gone bad
because the system they trusted
twisted them into versions of themselves
that they no longer recognize.
Versions of themselves
that shoot black kids
with candy in their pockets
like Hansel and Gretel 
being shoved in an oven to burn
and told
they should have complied.”

Great white giants,
terrible, scary
say they’re wonderful,
in the sky
watching and waiting
for us to kill each other off
not realizing 
that the revolution is coming
and we are sharpening
our axes
and heading straight 
for their Beanstalk.