I hope you were paying attention this month
Wherein something I disguised as a manifesto
I answered our most plaguing questions
(and a bunch of other stuff) 

Is there a God?
Yes – possibly two

        The creative entity (CE1) made the simplest possible interesting universe, grew it quickly, then changed the parameters by changing the speed of light to stabilize it.  The creation is failing at an ever increasing rate; exploding  

Why am I here?

     You are a science experiment, an artificially simple amino acid self-replicating program created by an entity(CE2).  Massive programming changes occur every 30 million years wiping out 90% of species. Sharks and crocodiles have lasted through the most cycles.

Does CE1 = CE2?

Do I care if you believe this or not?
But you should
At least know why you believe it or not               
Be able to speak your reasons               
State and defend your assumptions               

Belief is an emotion              
It’s much easier than thinking               
And obviously very dangerous               
So be careful