Be careful the words of one of God’s promises
Lest the syntax gets messed up, losing meaning.
Great rewards come unto the faithful fighting
Forces of evil in a world growing out of control,
Driven by hunger caused by malnourishment of love.
If the treasure can be found, wholesome, intact, pure,
Happiness can only follow into eternity’s wake.

Should a message be taken at its core and removed
From all the arteries that give it life that’s desired,
A magnificent promise can be turned into bitterest damnation.
The road to Heaven is filled with tricks and traps
Where human minds have projected them forward,
Creating oblivion of what was created smooth.
Know this, children of whatever faith, God has a language,
The translation of which is given to us and so vital it is
To check the syntax and understand completely what is said.
Evil reigns in run-on sentences, 
Souls die in missing commas.