It’s easy to cry tears of joy as an old Sicilian woman jams her fingers and hands
on her hand held device
Each time the lite blinks her blood pressure boils . . .
Goo Goo, tella me, I meana singa me my favorite songa, Non Dimenticaur

Google robot replies in a dead pan drone . . .
The weather is 21 degrees and clear in Brooklyn!

The old woman slams her hand down on the blinking lite
Goo Goo you a don’ta knowa no thinga!

She throws her over worked hands up in the air and kicks a kitchen chair
as she yells at her laughing children and grandchildren

Oha my a Goda a, what isa this crazy thinga anyway?
You tryina playa joke on me, don’ta thinka I don’ta knowa whata youa doina me!