Ladies in green polka dotted dresses
springing with frowns of failure. 
Little boys and men eat a side of beef.
Yesterday your child died and 
had to be reborn again–only different, 
now. The mind a cage–a key awaits 
on the leather topped desk
next to the already unlocked door.
The torrid frustration of
not whether to walk
through the door,
but, rather, how to step over
the faint horizon of what was then,
what was next, and how does
the inconclusive and uncomfortable 
now, bend to meet any of
these slippery arcs that refuse
to fold or crease???
Oh the tragedy of reading The Daily Gazette 
or turning on the flickering mojo in the television!
And the only thing that matters is whether you get home, 
wherever home is, with the people you love
and that love you, as well.
And as the green fights off the illusion of time,
piercing regret reminds you that it only
takes a millisecond for everything to change forerver. 
And you make think that google can tell you everything, 
but it cannot explain anything about the something that 
turned to nothing and the turning back to something,
that’s different from something after the nothing,
but before then. Now, we see a different God.  
Better than we ever could imagine!