Four there were, handsome, intelligent
Savvy. When they walked in something
Intangible, an aura, surrounded, ushered
Them to the midst of those much lesser.  

Their destinies seemed etched on the future
Of their class, leaders of men, succeeders.
We watched in wonder as they walked
From our circle of influence, so confident
We were of their tomorrows we smiled.  

The first lost himself in the whirl of high
Pressure days and nights blurred, dazed.
The second victim of cancer’s scourge which
Ignores the hope of its victim’s promise.  

Third young man settled for less than he should.
Restless, much married, frustration filled.
Four? Promise fulfilled, family, fame, with
A humility hidden when with the others.  

Pomp and circumstance come full circle,
We anticipate pomp and ignore circumstance.
Black robes, mortar boards tell half the story
Time only can spin for us the final glance.