Better bring a light
the day has just begun.
We’ll be some miles away
before we see the sun.

Don’t forget your hoe
them weeds won’t tend themselves
and grab a pair of gloves
a layin’ on the shelves.

Mornin’s made for men
before it’s bright and warm
you gotta do the chores
if you gonna run a farm.

Better bring some string and
maybe a hook or two
we might do some fishin’
when all the work is through.

He took me by the hand and
led me to the field
he showed me of my life and
the fruit that I could yield.
He stood like an Oak
to a mere lad of ten
he taught me all I know
of morals and of men.

And, though he’s long since gone
I remember what he said
almost every night
before we went to bed.

“Always be a neighbor and
try to get some rest
then when the work is done
fishin’ at its best.

Tony Sexton