I hear the keys

Jingle, jangle.. clank


You call out to me

From the “west wing”

The urgency in my name

“Babe?! You ready?”

I can sense the need

In your voice

An Un-settlement

Rustles up

From under your tongue

I feel it too

Sense the ache

For us to belong

Somewhere else

Without pause

Or thought


My legs rush

Hurriedly out the door

I reach back for you

As I’m out the front threshold

Locking the world out behind us.

I don’t even bother

To grab my shoes

The warm concrete

Awakens my bones

You crack a joke

Leap from the step

As I twirl in the yard

The grass and earth

Beneath my bare feet

A welcome mat

For the weekend

We giggle like children

Free a lightening bug

As we leave the driveway

Smelling the fresh cut lawn

Trailing along the sunsets

Leaving the home lights

Burning behind us.

Freedom at last.